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1. Set a Reward Budget per Team Member.
2. Select Challenge Activities.
3. Invite Team to Get Fit & Get Paid.


Join fitness games for reps, steps, time, distance, and more.

Stowers Runs With Cadoo

Isaiah Stowers, a middle school science and video production teacher from Stockton, CA, started using Cadoo in January of 2021

Cadoo runnerCadoo runner


Join a Cadoo Fitness Game and motivate yourself to reach your fitness goals with money, social accountability, and gamification!


Track your progress and start reaching your fitness goals! Progress can be synched with most health apps and fitness trackers.

Get Fit, Get Paid

You did it! You get your money motivation stake back plus a share of the losers' stake.

Cadoo appCadoo appCadoo app

Over 95% of Cadoo players reach their fitness goals.
AI-verified proof of workout, gamification, social accountability, and money motivation make Cadoo Fitness Gaming the most effective tool for leaders to build strong, healthy, and productive teams.

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Stories from Cadoo Fitness Game Champs

" I MADE Back About $170 In 1 month USING CADOO "

by: u/icameforgold

I'm already running this milage as my weekly routine so it's great to make some money off of it to pay for the real races I enter throughout the year.

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" I’m only 3.5 weeks in, but I’m absolutely loving this app. "

by: u/kerofbi

I’m only 3.5 weeks in, but I’m absolutely loving this app. I’m up $72.10 on 22 challenges so far. I agree about the customer service! They are amazing! Largest gain: $18.46 on a Fitbit challenge

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Cadoo works with your Fitness tracker:

Frequently asked questions

How does Cadoo make sure I completed the game requirements?

Depends on the game activity! For pushup games, we use computer vision to verify your reps. For movement based games, we integrate with your favorite fitness app or tracker!

What kind of fitness games can I play on Cadoo?

All kinds! We have games for steps, running, walking, cycling, pushups, squatups, ad situps! Compete in Cadoo hosted games or launch a private game for your team, brand, or community.

Who do I compete against?

People from all around the world join Cadoo-hosted games and keep you accountable. Or launch a private game for your team and keep them fit, strong, accountable, and reliable. Or host a public game for your brand and open it to the world.

Why would anyone pay me to get fit?

Cadoo has both paid and free fitness games. For paid games, players stake an entry fee in $DO money motivation to join fitness games. If you win the fitness game, you get your fitness stake back, plus a share of any of the losers' stake. If you don’t win, your money is evenly distributed evenly among the winners net of a Cadoo hosting fee. All Cadoo users must read and agree to these terms before joining money-motivated games. Cadoo is a unique gamified fitness experience for everyone involved.

Can I host a private Cadoo fitness game for my team?

Yes, the easiest way is join the Cadoo Upside Hub and set up private game for your team. Fit teams ship faster and Cadoo is how great leaders prioritize team health, fitness, and accountability.  

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