Get Fit, Get PaiD.

Your running drill coach that motivates with money.

Join a challenge


Sign up for Cadoo and commit to a fitness challenge! Each challenge has an entry fee, and a running goal to reach.

Track your progress

Track your progress and start reaching your fitness goals! Progress is recorded with apps like Strava, Google Fit, iOS Health, Fitbit, and more.


Complete your challenge, get paid.


You did it! You get the entry fee back as well as a share of the losers’.


In Cash rewards given out to challenge winners. Check out some their reviews here:

It’s a fun app to get you active, challenge yourself and others, and win money. It gets me motivated and push harder. Catch me if you can!

Nicoletta Maraschin

Runner in Johannesburg, South Africa

As a college student this app is extremely motivating as it gets me out and gets me extra bucks. I wish I knew about it sooner.

Naomi Furuya

Runner in Berkeley, Califorinia

This app is awesome! Super great for accountability. Highly recommend!!

Thomas Lee

Runner in Los Angeles, CA

Really great activities app that helps to keep you motivated with good payouts and exciting challenges.

James Pugin

Runner in South Africa


How does Cadoo make sure I completed the challenge?

Cadoo uses the popular run tracking apps like Strava, Google Fit, and IOS Health to verify that you completed the challenge. Cadoo records everything about your runs using just the data from your phone. Record your running and Cadoo will handle the rest.

What kind of running challenges can I join on Cadoo?

All kinds! For more experienced runners we have the “Going the Distance” challenge of running 6 miles three times in a week. If you’re new to running, we also have challenges like the “Weekend Walkers” challenge of walking 30 minutes in a weekend.

Who do I compete against?

People from all around the world join Cadoo challenges and keep you accountable.

How does it actually work? Why would anyone pay me to run?

With Cadoo you pay to join running challenges, like running a 5k. If you complete the challenge (verified with your phone), you get your money back. If you don’t, your money is evenly distributed among the winners. All Cadoo users must read and agree to these terms before joining challenges. Cadoo is a unique motivational fitness experience for everyone involved.

If I already track my runs with Strava how can I use Cadoo?

If you use Strava, all you need to do is download the Cadoo app and join a challenge! Cadoo automatically pulls in the data from your Strava runs.

Still have questions? Check out our Terms of Service, or message us on Intercom!
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