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May 7, 2022

Up until this point, Cadoo has been known as a primarily cardio-focused app. Walking, running, and biking have been our only supported activities. However, many of our users have a variety of fitness goals and not all of them can align with strictly cardio-focused workouts.  

Therefore, Cadoo has taken its first step towards strength training motivation! Push-up challenges have been added to the app.

Using the camera on your own phone, you can record yourself doing your push-ups and upload them to a specific challenge.

How Does This Work?

Using Guru’s AI platform, Cadoo is able to track your movements and count your push-ups for you! No manual entry required.  

With an AI technique known as “neural networks” which has been used to process hundreds of exercise videos so a push-up can be distinguished from any other movement. This way, we’re able to ensure push-up counts based on form. No cheating possible!

Joint Tracking:

Guru analyzes your video and finds the major joints on your body. These include your shoulders, knees, hips, and ankles. These points are used to create a wireframe of your body which tracks the movement of these key joints (and the space between them).

Exercise Classification:

As you move and complete your pushups, Guru is able to determine using the angles created with the skeleton wireframe what movements you’re doing and what exercise it is. If you’re doing push-ups, Guru will recognize this and count them.

Since we use movement tracking, If someone attempts to do sit-ups or another movement while recording your activity, Guru will not count these as reps and they will not count towards your challenge.

In the future, Cadoo is excited to be able to use this technology to verify other strength workouts, such as lunges, squats, burpees, and deadlifts!

Stay tuned, even more awesome features are coming!

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