An Interview With A Cadoo User

October 20, 2022

One of the best things about the Cadoo community is getting to see how using the app impacts the lives of those who continually use the app and join our challenges.

While we use financial gain (or rather, the possibility of financial loss) as a motivator at Cadoo, our vision for the app is one that involves people making personal improvements physically, mentally, and emotionally, with only a slight financial emphasis.

Recently, we reached out to one of our users to find out more about his experience with the app.

Here’s what he said:

*Responses slightly edited for readability and consistency

How did you find out about Cadoo?

I found out about Cadoo from professional USA runners Ryan & Sara Hall. They had hosted a challenge through Cadoo and posted about it on their social media. The challenge was to run 20 miles in 1 week. This was already a distance I was comfortable with, but now I wanted to try it with the accountability of my entry fee on the line and the potential for a reward profit.

What first intrigued you about the app?

What intrigued me about the app at first was starting with running challenges that I was comfortable completing. I was feeling good about both the fitness gains and small profit as a reward for staying dedicated to the challenge, whether it be anywhere from a day to a month long.

Why did you decide to keep using Cadoo, and how is it different from the original reason you downloaded the app?

I decided to keep using Cadoo after I got comfortable with the challenges I had already been doing, and wanted more of a challenge. Not only did I sign up for more difficult challenges, but I also added steps, walking, biking and push-ups into my routine, some of which I wouldn’t have done without Cadoo.

What major differences in your life did you see after downloading the app? Physical, mental, emotional, financial, etc.

I find myself staying more committed to my running schedule, choosing to go for an evening walk instead of sitting on the couch to watch TV. I now do push-ups every single day when before, I did none. I also started biking to commute to work.

I see an overall improvement in all aspects of myself including body strength and endurance. I find myself less stressed and anxious because I have my fitness challenges to keep me busy. I’m happier from the sense of accomplishment I’m doing, and I get great financial rewards for my hard work and staying accountable over time.

What’s your favorite thing about the app outside of its function?

The support team is always super helpful with any issues and the team is constantly updating the app for a better experience. Cadoo has a Discord channel where you can ask questions, get updates, share your fitness journey with the community, and more.

What is your biggest piece of advice for those just getting started and what would you say to those on the fence about signing up?

For those just starting Cadoo I recommend joining challenges you are already comfortable with so that you can get the hang of how the app functions. Then, as your fitness improves and your goals increase, try adding more challenges or simply just add more steps, distance, time or reps to the number of challenges you're already doing.

If you’re unsure if you want to sign up, try starting with a friend or family member so you can discover the challenges and your fitness levels together. Start with just one single challenge and build from there. You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish when you bet on yourself.

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