Pushup routine to gain muscle


Push-ups are one of the most effective calisthenics exercises for building muscle in your chest and biceps. But if you want to gain more muscle in these areas, you’ll have to add some intensity. The following routine builds up your upper body while also keeping your arms strong enough to do regular pushups. Here’s how it works:

3-5 sets of 15 strict form pushups

You may be wondering why you need to do 15 pushups when you can easily do more than 15 pushups. The reason is because the goal here is not to see how many reps you can get in a set, but rather to increase your strength endurance by doing 3-5 sets at a time with strict form. This means no kipping or bending at the waist, keeping your hips down and not lifting them up as well as keeping your back straight and head up throughout the entire set.

For serious results, always keep strict form in mind when doing any exercise that involves moving weight from one point on your body (the floor) to another point on your body (your chest). It’s especially important when it comes to this type of exercise because if done incorrectly, it could lead to injury!

2-3 sets of 10 diamond pushups

The diamond pushup is a great way to build strength in your chest, shoulders and triceps.

These are just what they sound like, which is why they're so effective. To do them, get into the top position of a pushup with your hands directly under your shoulders and palms facing away from each other. Lower yourself until your chest nearly touches the floor then raise yourself back up again using only the strength of those three muscles. For an added challenge, try doing these on one leg! If that's not enough for you then try doing full-range diamond pushups where both feet remain on the floor throughout the exercise (or as close to it as possible).

5 sets of 10 archer pushups

Do this exercise with your hands on the floor and your feet on a bench. Exercise each body part over time to build up strength in that area. The archer pushup is a great way to build up strength in your chest and shoulders, making it ideal for martial arts training or other sports where upper body power is important.

Begin with your hands on the floor, then lower yourself down until both arms are straight (your torso should be parallel to the ground). As you lower down keep your arms as straight as possible by pulling them back slightly from their natural position by arching them at about 45 degrees from vertical (the archer's bow). You can also do this exercise using only one or two fingers on one hand instead of both hands like normal pushups—this makes it more difficult but also helps strengthen individual fingers so they don't get injured when doing other exercises such as kung fu forms!

2-3 sets of 20 pushups

After you've mastered the regular pushups, it's time to work on planche pushups. These are a variation of a regular pushup and will help you develop strength in your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Planche pushups can be done from a standard plank position or with the hands raised on two tables (or other sturdy objects). They require more strength than regular pushups because they involve an additional arm position that requires more core strength to maintain balance throughout the exercise. The key with planche pushups is to keep your elbows locked out at all times and avoid dropping them below parallel during execution of this exercise.

4-5 sets of strict pushups until failure

This is the most important part of the pushup routine. The strict form is crucial to getting the maximum benefit out of this exercise, so be sure you’re doing it right. When you do a pushup, your body should stay straight and rigid throughout: no sagging or bending at the hips, no leaning back or forward, and no scooting your feet forward to help you push yourself up (if you feel like you need an extra boost). If it helps, try placing a towel under each hand so that no part of them is touching anything but air—this will remind you not to support your weight with anything other than your arms and upper body.

If these instructions sound intimidating—don't worry! You don't need perfect form on day one! Just do what feels comfortable for now (and remember that there's always room for improvement).

Here is a simple calisthenics routine to build muscle in your chest and biceps.

This pushup routine is designed to build muscle in your chest and biceps. It's based on the calisthenics movement, which means you can do it anywhere—no gym required. This workout was created for a reader who wrote me asking for a simple bodyweight workout routine that he could do at home or anywhere else without any special equipment.

The pushup regimen consists of two exercises: one basic pushup (the standard military style) and one decline pushup done with an exercise ball or chair under each hand. Both variations work different muscles in your chest, shoulders, back and arms so they'll give you greater results than just doing one type of pushup over and over again without variation as many people tend to do when they're first starting out with bodyweight training programs like this one!

Alternative, do a pushup challenge on Cadoo

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You can bet on yourself or others to win extra cash when they reach their pushup goals:

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You can bet on another user by going into their profile, clicking "Bet On User" at the bottom left of the screen, selecting how much money to wager ($2 max), choosing who gets paid if this person wins (e.g., "Payout To"), setting odds for them winning within x days/weeks/months from now (if applicable), then hitting submit!


That’s it! That is the workout that I use on a regular basis and it has helped me gain muscle mass in my chest and biceps. If you want to get stronger and build muscle, then this pushup routine is perfect for you.

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